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July 27, 2008
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The baby is finally starting to sleep longer at night. Some people call it “through the night”. Once it was from 1am-7am and last night it was from 11pm to 8am!!! Finally, a good night’s sleep. Of course, he is in bed with me for this restfulness. I resorted to this after he began waking up every hour when he was around 6 months old. Our queen bed is high and not that wide and therefore Scott often gets kicked out with this arrangement. This will never do, so we are bringing in a King sized bed. Look for an update on the new bed soon.

I struggled with the issue of sleep. Books said different things. Attachment parenting says bring them into bed. Then there is the cry-it-out school which says leave the baby there and then there is a lot in between that involves some form of crying it out or being picked up then put back in the crib multiple times. My mother said things like “sleeping through the night doesn’t count if he is in bed with you” (it doesn’t?) and “He needs to learn where he belongs.” My intuition thought he belonged with us, but I worried that he might become too dependent and needy if he slept in our bed. (Not that a seven month baby isn’t already needy and dependent) Then I talked with people who had grown kids that had done different things. I discovered that the shared-bed-kids were totally fine, had good relationships with their parents, even during the teen years, and weren’t insecure, rather the opposite was true. So that made me feel like it was OK to do what my intuition wanted to do anyway. 

There is also the matter of temperament. This baby is so cuddly and nuzzly, he loves to be with people. Others may want their space but not this guy. So it’s decided. He sleeps in his crib for a few hours until we go to bed, then he comes in with us. At least until something changes with him, which, in babyland happens a lot.


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