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Marijke’s Grove

July 29, 2008


Nicolas Van Krijdt's Sound Sculpture

Nicolas Van Krijdt's Sound Sculpture

The three of us journey to the Paradise Ridge Winery Sculpture Garden in Marijke’s Grove. I am carrying the baby in his carrier. Now that he is older, the ergo carrier is the one that works best for us. He refused all carriers when he was younger and it was so frustrating–I really wanted nothing more than to be one of those moms who carried their baby around everywhere in a carrier, but for Lukas, it was the stroller where he was happiest. So we strolled around everywhere instead. These days he likes the carrier too, which is great because it is a lot easier than the stroller, especially in places like this outdoor sculpture garden. 

It is a beautiful day and we walk directly into Nicolas Van Krijdt’s sound sculptures. They make a full otherworldly sound as they move in the wind. The baby hears one and looks toward it, then hears another one and turns his little head in a new direction. He is occupied for a long time in that part of the forest. Then we move along to Peter Crompton’s Three Dancers, joining in as “fourth muse with a baby” before journeying over to an amazing light catching sculpture by Kristina Lucas. Then we come across Crompton’s surprising Greek head (Aesculapius) and Rising Nike emerging from the ground as if from ancient ruins.

Bull by Bryan Tedrick

Bull by Bryan Tedrick

Lukas enjoys all of these but his favorite is Bryan Tedrick’s Bull. He loves touching the nose, and then the sides and all the crazy pieces of wood and metal that make up this Bull. A sculpture garden is a great place for a baby! I also feel like myself–someone who experiences art once in a while! (and isn’t solely nursing, walking a stroller and changing diapers) Luckily, this baby who lives with us for the first part of his life seems to appreciate all of these things too.

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