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art center

August 18, 2008


art center

art center

Here we are sitting out front at the new Petaluma art center—it is opening in a few weeks, thanks to a collaborative effort between the City of Petaluma and the Petaluma Arts Council. It is housed in the old freight building which is part of the Historic Railroad Depot. It has never been anything but a freight building until now.

The Art Center came in with Lukas, and someone at one of the tours said “The art center is his tree” like when people plant a tree for the baby and watch them both grow. It is true!

I hope that someday it will also become the hub for the Art Path system, a network of trails that will emanate from the Art Center and twine throughout the town, being part of and showcasing beautiful art as they go. The town needs a network of safe beautiful trails for walking and biking and is well on its way with a fabulous bicycle path plan that only needs implementation. Petaluma is also home to a public art plan in progress. At some point, the two plans merging could create the art path system. We’re working on it! Hooray for the Art Center!

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