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Cloth Diaper Update

January 14, 2009

Several people have expressed interest in cloth diapers lately, and I have more info in addition to my last post about cloth diapers!

Firat of all, Lukas is now 13 months old, and we are still using and loving them. He doesn’t develop diaper rash (well a tiny bit sometimes, but I’ll put on some weleda diaper cream and it is gone by the next change. I am still on the first tube) He is comfortable in soft cloth and we are happy not to be burying paper, plastic and chemicals in the ground for time and all eternity!

Next, I have some updates on what we are using. I still love our prefolds (and they are the cheapest ones too, at about $1-2 per diaper) and have started using wool covers at night the past few months. I love the Aristocrats knitted covers. They are SO NICE! And worth it to lanolize every month and wash every two weeks. When you put a cotton diaper on your baby and a wool cover over it, you feel really great that it is all natural fibers (even organic!) in that area and he is so comfy. The cloth and wool keep leaks from happening too. The baby sleeps with us and we don’t use any plastic sheeting on the bed, just our regular bed. They are THAT GOOD!

Another thing to consider if you can afford them are the all-in-one diapers by Bum Genius (or I have heard Fuzzi-Bunz are good too) If you don’t use them all the time, it’s still nice to have at least a few on hand for grandparents and babysitters because they are exactly like disposables except they are cloth. I’ll just reiterate about cloth wipes too, they are really nice. You can find wipes solutions to spray on the baby first then use a dry wipe. I like Northern Essence’s foaming diaper lotion and Kissiluvs diaper lotions (I’ve heard it’s not so good to make your own since it can irritate baby’s skin)

Something else that has been great since he started eating food is the Bum Genius Odor Remover! You spray it on your poopy diapers (after removing poop of course) before sending them into the diaper pail. It REALLY WORKS. It uses a natural vegetable enzyme to keep bacteria from growing. 

There are so many resources these days to support cloth diapering, there is every reason to try it!


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