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Universal Intelligence

January 24, 2009

I’ve been working on being the person I want to be this year. So far, I have discovered that I can’t stop my anger when I get angry, that I can head it off if I am not angry yet, but am in the early stages of discontent, that I can recognize the early stages by being aware of my feelings, that I can fall off the wagon anyway, no matter how aware I try to be because I will sometimes be caught up in something and forget to listen, and that I can try again and not feel as bad as I used to about not being perfect.

It is different now because I know that I will be both things: I will do the best I can at being the person I want to be, and fail sometimes in my journey for harmony. Sometimes a wrong note will ring out and it doesn’t matter because the next note will sound great.

Part of this newfound journey is self-discipline. I have been lazy in looking at myself and deciding what I want. A wonderful group of women has helped me change that. Knowing that I am now doing my best at being someone I actually want to be is enough. Another part of it is surrendering to the universe and listening to its messages. Some people call this God but I call it universal intelligence, the intelligence that exists all around us and within us. I have met with this intelligence many times and trust it. It works. It plays too.

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