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February 1, 2009
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I am reading a wonderful book called The Creative Family by Amanda Soule. I just cracked the book this morning and already I have repurposed something from the goodwill bag into a skirt. It is about being creative with your kids. Part of it is about using quality but not expensive art materials and being creative about art materials and encouraging their imaginations in a natural way. 

One cool thing that is mentioned in the book is being sure to respect your children enough to give them access to the “good” art materials with modeling on how to respect them. Another friend just posted a piece on how she is doing just that. I remember being very creative when I was a kid and really having to work from scratch. We were not given the good art materials generally and worked from leftovers. That was fine but it is so nice to feel really good wood knitting needles as opposed to scratchy plastic ones, sometimes the projects are much easier than when you are working with inferior supplies.

Creativity with kids has been a challenge for me because before the baby, I used to work artistically by myself. Now, with a one year old, it is hard to make time for that kind of creativity. I have had to release the feeling that I need to take a few hours for my projects and instead work in short 5–50 minute bursts. That has not been easy for me, since I normally need to work up to feeling the creativity. With this new way, I have had to do different kinds of creative things that a one year old might be interested in, like throwing silky fabric over his head for a game of peek-a-boo or else using tiny bits of available time to do crafts that he can’t participate in just yet, like knitting legwarmers for him and other babies that I know. I am having a great time evolving this new process and at the same time it can be frustrating when I want to do something more advanced with him or I want more time to myself. The learning process evolves. I love the book because it acknowledges all these things, lets them go and moves on in the directon we want to go, creativity with the family. Enjoying creative time by moving inward.

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