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February 13, 2009
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Lukas with his books

Lukas with his books

The latest thing around here is babyproofing. It seems like no one else has to do this but we really do. With two open offices full of cords, keyboards to grab and files to toss, we had to install new cabinets and gates in the office area. The kitchen is almost safe—of course all the cabinets are now latched closed or full of toys and our dishes and food are piling up on the countertops…. It has taken a while to figure out the “design” of the whole thing—it’s still not really finished. The last big thing to worry about is the stereo. Yes we still live in the ancient era of boomboxes and this one has CD trays that pop out at the push of a button with a baby finger, trays that are ready to be snapped off, or ready to suck a baby finger back in when they close! So I am on the hunt for a cabinet with doors that close. Then Lukas can run freely through the house when he starts to walk (until he comes to a gate…), which is at any moment. Not that he needs to walk, since he can lightning crawl and climb anywhere he wants right now!

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