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women of the needle

February 21, 2009
projects of the needle

projects of the needle

Lately, I’ve come to feel that it is important for me to be creative in some way, every single day. I just began to participate in a little craft night called “women of the needle”. We can bring any needle oriented craft project. Of course I am bringing my knitting. Here are some of my knitting projects. Mostly these are done while Lukas naps, but sometimes you’ll catch me knitting at a stoplight or in the evening after he is sleeping, and now, at craft night. There is something rhythmic and meditative about knitting. And on the practical side, you end up with cool little baby legwarmers, hats, scarves etc. My favorite items right now are the baby legwarmers. They are just so cute! I think I have made them for all of Lukas’ friends by now. Craft night is from 6-9pm but I can only go from 6-7pm since I put the baby down at 7pm but one hour is good. Of course when I come home to a screaming baby that is not good. As Heidi said this morning, “you don’t want to become a woman of the other kind of needle!” Indeed!

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