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dinner partying

February 24, 2009


a winter evening in our town

a winter evening in our town

Last night we had Lukas’ friend Sadie Bea over for dinner at our place–oh yes, and her parents too! So there were six of us and it was a wonderful evening! With one year olds, dinner begins around 4 and ends at 8 with bedtime and no one wanting it to end. The toddlers are a great example of lingering over dinner, which we did, and naturally migrated to the living room after dessert for playing and hanging out. This might be really rambunctious with more than two kids but wouldn’t that make it even more fun? I am so grateful we are friends with these great people who invited us over first and demonstrated that things don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful and comfortable. Food can be simple and good, not elaborate (vegetable stir fry and rice with salad) and a good bottle of wine can go a long way! Candles at the table and a little piano playing afterwards make it even more cozy. After Sadie fell out of her high chair and it was determined that she was fine, the evening just got better. Lukas ate a ton of cheese, Sadie ate a ton of vegetables, Heidi and I ate a ton of locally made boysenberry pie and we all drank local wine given to us by a friend to whom we gave our baby stuff because they are having their first baby this summer! We did lots of talking, lots of laughing and lots of playing. Sadie liked to touch Lukas’ bald head and he didn’t mind. She walked, he crawled (being a 2 months younger man), rain fell outside in the dark and we all went to sleep feeling relaxed and satisfied with life as it is.

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