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bath! bath!

February 27, 2009


bath! bath!

bath! bath!

Is there anything more hilarious than a toddler in the bath? Maybe the toddler after the bath, rolling and laughing and loving his naked time. This kid loves to be free and it’s a great way to end the day for him and for us. He is a splasher and actually dunks his face in the water sometimes and tries to drink it. I am not sure if that is such a great idea but I’m glad he’s not afraid of it. 

When I see this guy rolling around after the bath so joyful it makes me realize that I have become one of those stiff adults I remember from my childhood. I remember wondering why they were always in that one position, standing. They never did anything else, no rolling, stretching, running, jumping, crawling, crouching, hiding—they just stood there, tall, talking about boring things. Even yoga hasn’t saved me from this gradual fate. But maybe hanging out with a toddler during his bathtime will.

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