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cosleeping update

March 1, 2009


the baby in bed!

the baby in bed!

A while back I promised an update on the sleeping situation with the baby. See this post for the beginning of the story.

Late last summer we gave our queen bed to the neighbor and brought in a King bed to fit all of us. The baby just slept so much better with us. I had resisted this for a few months out of:

1) fear that I would roll on him

2) fear that Scott would roll on him

3) the total discomfort of having my arm up all night around him

4) the uncertainty that it was a good idea in the first place

When he was born, we had him sleeping in the family cradle that my great grandfather made in Germany for my grandfather and his siblings over 100 years ago. Every baby in my Dad’s family has been in it. I was in it, my dad was in it, my grandfather was in it and all the cousins, uncles, etc. Lukas slept pretty well in it too (for a baby) and of course we had to carry on the family tradition.

Then we tried to switch to a crib when he was too old for the cradle (like WAY too old, I think he was 5 or 6 months!). When he woke up every hour all night long in his crib the first few nights, it was decided that he would come into the bed with us and he convinced us by sleeping almost all night the first few nights! He’s a smart little guy! It hasn’t been quite that good the whole time, but it has been pretty good as far as how he sleeps.

The new King bed is on the floor. So if the baby rolls off it isn’t far to the ground. This is great, since it doubles as a soft changing area and a soft play area. Some may need to be aware that this can create mold on the underside of the mattress so make sure your situation works for a mattress on the floor. If it doesn’t there are little short platforms you can use that elevate the bed slightly and allow airflow. 

1) He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up every hour or two until I am in there, then he sleeps most of the night until 7am. I realized quickly that I wasn’t going to roll on him at night. We were much more attuned that I thought was possible. I wake up a few seconds before him when he wakes up. It is like he is still a part of my body.

2) As far as Scott rolling on him, for most of the night, I put Lukas on the outside, then I can sleep next to Scott too! Then around 4, when Lukas wakes up, I switch him to the middle. If he doesn’t wake up, I leave him where he is. Scott hasn’t rolled on him yet. I am thinking he is pretty attuned to him too.

3) After a few nights I figured out how to make my arm not be uncomfortable when I am nursing him to sleep. I can just move to a normal position once he’s asleep or I can also put my arm under a pillow with my head on top and that is so comfortable, I actually fall asleep that way.

4) I have come to believe that it is a really good idea to cosleep if the baby likes it. I don’t believe it creates dependency, but rather, security. Not all babies want to sleep in the bed with their parents, but many do, and this guy does. I can’t imagine him sleeping alone anymore, he is so small and loves to cuddle up!

The best part of the cosleeping situation is the mornings. It is so sweet to wake up next to our little guy! I see him lying there sleeping, then he starts stirring, then he nurses for a while, then he rolls and moves around and I see his little eyes open up in the semi-darkness.”good morning!” I say and a pleased little smile bursts across his face. Then he rolls to his hands and knees and comes crawling over with a gleam in his eye to give me a big morning kiss! “Where’s Dad?” I say, and the little smiley guy sits up and crawls over to Scott and starts talking. I really can’t think of a better way to start the day (except maybe sleeping in until 11am!).

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