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March 6, 2009


Luscious colors!

Luscious colors!

A post I read today here made me really think more about “making”. I am big on inspiration, sometimes I even gather materials, but the actual making has been harder for me for some reason. I think it has something to do with wanting perfection (and anticipating possible disappointment), and something to do with undervaluing the process itself. (ie: it’s just art, much less important than paying the bills or cleaning up)

Since Lukas was born 15 months ago, I have seen just how valuable time for focusing on creating is. And I have come to actually love the process itself along with the finished product, since that kind of time is in such short supply. I have also read in a few child development books how important it is for the mother to have creative time. 

So there are many who create with their children but I am not at the point where my little one year old is that interested yet in anything beyond fingerpainting with his spitup (which he is really good at!) so we haven’t done too much together in those realms. But I have not been willing to wait. Knitting and some sewing have been occurring around here and we arrange things on tables (he does participate in that). I almost bought a few bags of buttons today in anticipation of the day when everything (paintbrushes, rocks, etc.) doesn’t end up in his mouth but thought I’d just wait and be in this moment right now.

Right now, he can play with the yarn, I can knit while he’s asleep (or else it ends up grabbed, tossed around and unraveled, all with a gleam in the eye) and he can enjoy the finished products. Same goes with sewing and scraps. I am also taking some time to write, even if most of it is this blog. I am not sure where all this is headed but I don’t know where anything is headed these days. It just unfolds and we delight in the surprises and move on from disappointments.

Just today Heidi said she wants a potter’s wheel—she is obviously also tapping into the mothers’ need for some hands-on creativity too. Do it Heidi! So while I don’t really sit at my computer and spend 6 creative hours designing a website anymore, I am so grateful for the gift of becoming more aware and appreciative of the artistic process itself. So, gratitude to my little guy for innocently shifting me (sometimes kicking and screaming) into increased awareness. I have a feeling there is much more of that to come.

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