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April 8, 2009

this moment is all we haveOne of my most favorite bakeries is Wild Flour Bread in Freestone. Their breads are handcrafted by loving generous people and baked in a handbuilt brick oven. They have many wonderful kinds of bread: rye, wheat, or breads that  incorporate various fruits, nuts or cheeses, even one that tastes like cardamom and reminds me of chai. The scones and biscotti are amazing, the coffee is rich and perfect. The ultimate taste treat of course is the sticky bun. It is an entire loaf of bread that is dripping with sweet sugary goodness and nuts. You purchase the loaf and break off a little bit here to enjoy, planning to take all the rest of that huge thing home. You know how there is never enough of the good stuff in a cinnamon roll? Well, this is not a problem here. The only problem is that before you leave, you realize you have devoured an ENTIRE loaf of bread encrusted with syrupy sugar, while reading copies of the Sun magazine that just happen to be lying around. I love the Sun magazine! Especially with a sticky bun from Wild Flour.

the gardenerProbably another huge reason I love going there is that it is a little drive out into the countryside. AND, they have the most amazing garden next to the bakery. This is the personal garden of the bakery’s owner, who lives next door, and it is open for public consumption. Beautiful mulched paths meander through the tall plants and vining gourds, as you pass raspberries, sunflowers and tomatoes, or spinach, broccoli  and chard depending on the season. You can graze the raspberries and they plant plenty of cherry tomatoes for nibbling too. I like to just hang out in there, as do many. It is insect heaven, pollinators galore sweep through, birds chirp and chime, breezy winds animate the stalks of vermillion amaranth presiding over the garden. Last time we were there, a very healthy and bold gopher appeared to feast deliberately on an aboveground bush. It appeared that there was plenty for him and us. And Lukas walked up and down the paths (with a little help from his mama) like it was his only task in life, which of course it is. Toddlers are so good at living in the Now. And it’s pretty easy for me when I’m out there too.

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