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April 17, 2009

A little Easter update. Our family is not religious really, but my grandparents were Lutherans who went to church each Sunday so we celebrate Easter Sunday even without them around. It is now a family tradition. The same with Christmas Eve. This year, Scott and I invited everyone over for Easter because it seemed to have been peetering out a little bit the last few years since my grandpa died and my gramma has been in the assisted living place with dementia. It seemed wrong to let it go by the wayside, so we decided to have a big meal! There were 13 people including two toddlers in our little 1 bedroom house! Cozy! We ate at the table I found at goodwill for 9.99. It is an oval table that expands with with leaves, except that there were no leaves so we made some that worked great out of wood, foam core and duct tape. The food was not very difficult, (ham, scalloped potatoes, salad and asparagus) what took some energy was cleaning, and arranging the house so that 13 people would fit, but what a great excuse to really clean and get things in order.
It was wonderful to have everyone there, I love how family gatherings mark the seasons. This time, we had friends there too, which is a departure for a family gathering and everyone loved it! Especially my Aunt Beth who commented on the “new blood”. And especially Lukas who loves seeing his little girlfriend Sadie Bea. Even though one political argument caused some tension, it was fun. Our family loves to argue about politics and the general idea is that you argue like a madmad or a madwoman, and then forget about it and everyone is still friends. (the minnesota swedish way maybe?) I love to watch the antics rather than participate but I have been known to participate occasionally too. I suppose it is in keeping in a way to argue to the death and then rise up again as friends.

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