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the nap marsh

May 31, 2009
naps at the marsh

naps at the marsh

Naptime. Such an important part of the day. Not that I can ever take a nap, but certain other members of the family, namely Lukas, take one every day. He is one of those kids that would normally “not nap” but I resort to the car. I think of it as a short commute. (At least I have a very fuel-efficient car.) Now that it is our routine, he goes right to sleep. The thing with him is that he moves sometimes during his nap and being fastened into the seat keeps him from waking himself up prematurely. In the seat he has a 1 hour and 45 minute nap before actually waking up. I’ve tried to have him take a nap at home and he is awake after 20 minutes and just energized enough from the “power nap” to get going again, and be fussing again a hour or two later, but not go to sleep again! So there you have it. All my excuses for using the car for the baby’s nap.

Probably my biggest excuse is that I need him to take the nap. And not just that, but I love where we go. We head over to an office park that hasn’t been rented yet that is next to a beautiful marsh. No one is usually there except for us so no ambient noises (except birds) disturb us. It’s like I have my own little office or craft room (depending on what I am doing) out in the wetlands. A willow provides shade in the summer; in the fall, the light on golden hills in the distance shimmers; in the winter the rain pours down onto the roof and the marsh is visible from my window, gray clouds rolling in; in the spring, red-wing blackbirds sing non-stop, geese fly overhead in V formations and  a couple of ducks nesting under the willow hang around. The marsh is hidden more and more behind willow leaves with each passing day. 

Sometimes I fill the car up with knitting: yarn, knitting books, needles, patterns. I have produced a sweater, lots of baby legwarmers, some knitted toy vegetables for Lukas, hats, socks and who knows what else. Sometimes I read and write and the car becomes my reading room or office. I have read so many books out there. From literature to parenting books to treatises on alternative societies, I have brought many books into that sacred napspace, sometime magazines or the mail find their way in there too. My favorites are the parenting books because I can actually put them into practice RIGHT AWAY. I can think about what I am reading. I can write about it. I can write about other things that the books make me think of. I enjoy a little fair trade organic chocolate too.

I know that if I were at home, things like laundry would be beckoning, or dishes or floors or SOMETHING (maybe even a little nap…) Out here, there is nothing beckoning except what I want to beckon, the things I have brought with, books or knitting and the landscape itself to enjoy. This time is important to me. I don’t know how long it will last. He can’t nap in the carseat forever, can he? I am appreciating these precious personal moments too, right here in the now.

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