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June 4, 2009
compost and water

compost and water

After thinking hard about what I wanted to do on my birthday (a trip? brunch?) I realized I wanted something very simple. I didn’t want to cook any meals, I didn’t want to deal with travels. I wanted to spend time with people I care about and have it be easy. So I spent my birthday with some of my very favorite people and made sure that the day was balanced with time alone, time with friends and time with family. The perfect combination!

In the morning, I slept  in until 9 while my husband played with Lukas. Then Heidi and I walked over to the Tea Room and had a wonderful breakfast together. Scott and Heidi’s husband Steve took the kids downtown for a stroll and then came home and played with them while we were out. Heidi and I realized it was the first time we had ever been together without the kids! 

Scott took Lukas for his nap and I was able to spend some time writing, which felt great! Then Heidi and Steve had us all over and we played with the kids outside in the fields and Steve made a wonderful dinner for us. We brought a chocolate cake. Lukas learned all about the kid pool from Sadie Bea and how to take out the compost from Heidi. I walked around in the wildflowers with Sadie Bea and we played in the sandbox and the water. Unlike Sadie, Lukas likes to dive right into the water, not just play at its edge, so we had to watch him!

We took photos, played at the kid table, and Heidi gave me a beautiful pot she made in her pottery class—the very first one she had ever thrown—it was amazing!

All in all, a simple and lovely day. I appreciated every single moment of it!

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  1. June 8, 2009 12:39 am

    What a blog! I so hear and feel and remember those days of babies! In fact, I was cleaning pee off our tibetan rug just the other day! She managed to get most of it on Rob’s Sun Magazine! Your writing is wonderful…keep it going. Nice flow and fresh! This won’w last foreer…keep telling yourself, before you know it he’ll be TWO! Love ya!

    • karenhess permalink
      June 8, 2009 2:48 am

      Thanks marilee! I am really appreciating every moment, as hard as some of them are–I very much appreciate your supportive words too–thank you!

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