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June 8, 2009
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driving the dump truck

driving the dump truck

When I was pregnant I envisioned having a quiet girl who would draw princesses and wear cute outfits. (laughter! I know!) Well, my sweet little boy might be artistic but he isn’t quiet and he is very active. Not being an “active” type, I find I need to watch what he is doing and listen to his needs so I can help him develop his talents. Not MY talents, but HIS. What an important distinction that is! 

I find that I don’t know the first thing about an active lifestyle. I drew pictures and played quietly with stuffed animals. I was picked last on teams. I can’t stand it if a ball is coming towards me. At least Scott was an athlete when he was a kid and teenager so he knows something about this!

I remember that Scott’s Dad talked about his mother giving him a membership to the local YMCA (this is in the 1920s) to keep him active and off the streets, even though they had no money for it. She thought it was important for him to be physically active and busy. And he was his whole life, right up until age 98. So of course this little guy, with his climbing, speed crawling, instant walking, hilarious sense of physical humor and love of trucks, should have his activeness encouraged too. I found a plastic toddler castle type play structure with slide on craigslist that he might like. I think I am done envisioning everything being beautiful and made out of wood (and therefore really expensive) when I know it will only be used for about one year!

Today I chased him around the house and he was cracking up as I stomped my feet behind him and then tackled him as he arrived at the end of the room, again and again, back and forth. I think we both got tired at the same time after about 30 minutes. Who knows, maybe I’ll start to get into the active lifestyle. But even if I don’t end up understanding it personally, I will do my best to make sure his talents are noticed, appreciated, and nurtured.

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