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are you on the bus?

July 9, 2009
are you on the bus?

are you on the bus?

that will be 50¢ please

that will be 50¢ please

bus1-72This morning at the Mail Depot, the fun continued. Like I have said before, we have a fairly set routine, but different things happen within it that really delight us.

The Mail Depot and Bus Stop coffee are located at, you guessed it, the old bus station. Buses still stop there and today Heidi suggested checking out the bus since Sadie Bea loves buses. We asked if the little ones could look at the bus. “Sure!” agreed Tyler the bus driver exuberantly, “Do they want to sit in the driver’s seat?” Sadie was a little squeamish but Lukas was not. He couldn’t wait to sit in the at seat and drive the bus. “Are you going to take photos?” asked Tyler. “No, no cameras with us today” I reply. “I’ll take some for you” he suggests and immediately leaps into action as photographer. He takes a few views and it becomes clear he has done this before. Indeed he has a 13 month old himself who loves to drive the bus. The few elderly passengers don’t seem to mind this distraction and are actually enjoying it.

All I can think is what a great community we have that people can take a little time out to enjoy life in simple ways like this once in a while and bring delight to so many people at once, not just the kids, but the mamas, the driver himself, and the appreciative passengers, not to mention the cafe-goers who were sort-of watching the scene, especially when Lukas suddenly honked the bus horn. 

Of course when we finished we said thank you and bye to the driver and Lukas made his sign for “more” and wanted to keep driving. We had a mini-meltdown about it but wonderful community came to the rescue—Heidi suggested “switching mamas” for a minute ad Lukas walked around with her and I held Sadie for a while. Then we went to look at Maureen’s fish inside the Mail Depot and then Maureen weighed the kids. Lukas was 25 pounds. All in a day’s work.

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  1. Marilee permalink
    July 9, 2009 5:38 am

    What a great story! Miss Mia and I spent the day in a little wading pool…she was not interested in getting out…and probably would still be there if she didn’t have to go home.

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