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each beautiful moment

July 21, 2009


a moment of rest changes in an instant

a moment of rest changes in an instant

I am really noticing that a one and a half year old is totally aware in each moment and how that presence is the key to harmony, probably in adults as well as toddlers.

He loves to be chased he loves to be outside he loves to have a stuffed animal talk to him or peck in his ear, he loves a bath he loves singing in the stroller he loves the park and his friends at the coffee cart, he loves cheese (shees shees) and pasta (paa paa) and applesauce, (ap ap) he loves exploring every nook and cranny of someone’s house, opening all the drawers exposing whatever secrets they hold, he loves to look out the window, push any button he can find, and dance and run. He points in the direction he wants me to take him, or at something he likes or wants or something familiar. He likes to fake sneeze and then crack up at his own joke!

If he is annoyed, an acknowledgment of what is happening right then can shift a mood instantly. They don’t hold grudges and they quickly forgive and forget (on to the next moment) even if they were really mad.

It is this acknowledgment of the moment that is so important. It’s important when something fun is happening: “You fed the horse flat handed!” and his accompanying smile of delight. It is important when something negative has happened. If Lukas hits his head and cries (for example) and I try to distract him toward something else he keeps crying. But if I say “you hit your head! It really hit that tabletop, didn’t it?” and say it a few times until he knows I understand and he understands what happened, then he stops crying pretty quickly and takes a deep breath. That breath feels like a release of the trauma of the incident. I wonder how many unreleased incidents we have (however minor) and how many he will inevitably have and I am glad that this one, at least, is processed and gone.

He has been teaching me to live in each moment, to process any negativity right then and there and move on to something else, to enjoy, to delight and to acknowledge each beautiful moment.

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  1. August 2, 2009 12:00 am

    Karen, this is such good advice (you didn’t even know you were giving) about naming things for our children. Ben will giggle in this really cute way when you name the thing he’s pointing at, because he knows you understand him. I’m going to try it during crying, too.

    I love your posts!

    Sorry I don’t come here very often.

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