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September 1, 2009
a quiet evening at home

a quiet evening at home

We are in another new phase—like a major new phase. This is akin to the shift from baby to toddler. I suppose this time you could call it little toddler to bigger toddler.

He is running around, he is talking—like in two or three word phrases. The little baby is saying stuff! He says other side please when he wants to nurse on the other side; he says a bunch of kids while pointing out the window at the schoolkids playing on the playground across the street; he says all words now it seems. If you say it  he will now say it. This totally snuck up on me. One day he was saying a word here or there, like ap for applesauce or wawa for water and now he’s practically performing shakespeare. Now I really have to watch what I say.

The biggest deal of all is the playing. Tonight he played for an HOUR by himself. I was there of course, folding laundry and washing dishes while he played in his little kitchen and moved cans of food from the shelf to the floor and read his little books while hanging out in a red bean bag chair. This is the first time I have ever been able to fold laundry in front of him and get it done in a normal amount of time. The first time I have been able to wash a dish with him in the room. Usually he wants my attention, wants to do something else, wants to throw the laundry around. I don’t know if other parents have kids they can do these things around but I have never been able to get them done until he is asleep. If there are others out there with the same situation, know that at age 20 months, there is relief.

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