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September 19, 2009
can I even tell you how much I love this little guy???

can I even tell you how much I love this little guy???

The walking is great but can I explain how amazing the talking is? I can’t believe the amount of talking this kid is doing! It seems to have happened overnight. He went from a “hat”, “ap” and “yoyo” vocabulary to “bye beach see you soon,” “a bunch of kids” and parroting anything and everything we say. Now we really need to have good grammar. He also seems to have a memory. He asks about a horse he hasn’t seen for months named Cocoa. He randomly mentions his half brother Evan (Edda) who hasn’t been here for a couple of weeks. He fake calls his friend Bea on the phone and says “Hi Bea, beach, wawa, seaweed” like he’s telling her about his day at the beach! His dad went out on a boat tonight and he kept saying “dada”, then a dramatic pause, then “boat”. I realize no one else probably thinks this is as amazing as I do, but it is SO COOL to see your little baby morph into a kid. When they are babies it’s easy to think you can say whatever in front of them, but they are listening, and later they will say it. So all you parents of babies, watch out, that baby knows what you are talking about.

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