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the piñata and other impressions

October 11, 2009
our little bike enthusiast, he is very serious about things he is interested in

our little bike enthusiast, he is very serious about things he is interested in

Lukas does a lot of things during our days. To us they may seem like normal things but to him they are things he has never seen before in his life! Like for example, bikes, which all have some new element that he discovers immediately but are still recognizable as bikes! Or the tractors that were fixing our streets, that would be parked in some new configuration each evening. Or perhaps the birthday party for the six-year-old that we attended today, which included a piñata and a jumphouse and lots of six-year-olds. He was so impressed by this. I know his little brain is registering it all when he goes quiet and begins his observation from my lap or arms.

He stared at those kids swinging the bat at the piñata for a long time. Someone asked if he wanted to try it and I just said “I think he is having fun just seeing it!” Then he pointed at the broken piñata bits that were flying around and said with delight and a little uncertainty, “uh-oh!” I explained that it was supposed to happen and he looked solemnly at it for a little longer.

Next I took off his shoes and showed him the jumphouse. He refused to go in and just wanted to be held and look at it. Then he saw all the kids go into the jumphouse and was fascinated by the loud, shouting, rambunctious, jumping kids. There was a mini-trampoline next to the jumphouse everyone was using too. Eventually, when there were only a few kids, he took his own shoes off, walked over to the mini trampoline and began some little jumps. When all the kids were out of the house, he wanted to check it out so we took him over and he readily went in. He got the feel of the place and then wanted to come out.

The thing I love about this little exploration is how it came back in the evening. I was nursing him to sleep tonight and after I told him the story of his day, he looked up at me and said “uh-oh!” What is “uh-oh?” I said and he said “kids!” and I realized he wanted to talk about the piñata! So I told him about the piñata and how it’s supposed to break so things (not wanting to invoke the word candy) come out of it, and he said, “things!” Then he said “uh-oh!” again with delight that I understood him. Then he said “jumphouse” and I talked about that a bit while he looked me in the eyes in the semi-darkness. Contentedly he said, “kids, jumphouse, uh-oh” and went back to nursing and was asleep in a few minutes. We totally talked about his day! What a sweet shared moment!

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