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light returning, and us too!

January 16, 2011

contemplating the next project

“the art lesson”, demonstrating wet on wet watercolor techniques!

Yes, it has been a year, or more. I will use the excuse that we moved and in the move, the blog stopped. We didn’t have internet for about a month and I lost the habit. Then I thought I’d start up but it was so busy with the settling in, etc etc. Well, you get the idea.

I think we’re pretty settled in at this point, and we have internet access. Of course there are many things that might cause another silence, but we just won’t think about that actually happening.

We are happy and feel grateful to be in the new place. It is larger than our previous one-bedroom where we were raising our two year old, having the teenage stepson crash when he wanted to, and working at home! It’s the first house I’ve lived in where I feel like staying home to hang out. (except for maybe Frankenhouse in college, but I only lived there for four months.) Scott, Lukas and I have had a good time making it our home over the past year, and still are. Everyone has their own space here and there is plenty of communal space too. Plus we can still walk to the park and downtown to the coffee cart, not that we have coffee very often now, but that is another story that involves dairy and gluten…

Lukas is three now and I am the mama of a preschooler (he goes to preschool a few mornings per week). It’s way different than just a year ago. And I imagine that in a year it will be way different than today, but I have no idea how! I am committed to staying at home and being a mama and homemaker until he is five. For some reason I feel like we both need this and during the next two years I’ll figure out what the next thing is for us. There is a lot to do around here and we have our challenges and our good times.

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