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one wild word

January 19, 2011

wildness and craziness at the beach with Lukas and Patricia!

It is fun work raising a kid (and living life in general) but it can be exhausting and frustrating too. I like to remind myself that I am doing the best that I can and that days like these have their own timeline.

I need to remember to be patient, that things unfold when they need to unfold at the right times. And I need to remember to listen to signs and synchronicities and respond to them. This involves being still. I don’t ALWAYS have to be doing something— it can keep me from hearing the answers that are being whispered all the time. I am working on not caring so much about visual perfection and focusing instead toward spiritual perfection, while keeping in mind that I can enjoy this journey.

I can also ask for a wild word to guide me. Terry Tempest Williams (author of many beautiful books) writes in her book Finding Beauty in a Broken World, about asking for one wild word that will guide her next steps, and the wonderful journey that followed her answer. My word today is craziness! For the rest of the week, I am going to try to let the craziness take over, and see where it goes… I know that a larger intelligence is there helping me all the time, I just have to remember to notice it and act on its messages.

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