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kiwi candy

January 20, 2011

kiwi candy!

The new place has a beautiful and well established kiwi vine in the back yard. Through the summer, it is covered with shady leaves and around November and December, the leaves drop, revealing hundreds of ripe kiwis! It is really quite a treat in winter, to have such local fresh fruit. About the same time, the lemons begin to ripen up too. Since there are too many to eat, I started trying to figure out how to preserve them. First of all, they keep pretty well on the vine. Here it is January and we’ve even had frosts and those guys are still out there and still delicious!

It turns out that the best and easiest way I found is to dry them. First, I cut and puree them, pour onto a dehydrator sheet and pop them into the dehydrator. Six hours later, the house smells amazing and the resulting “kiwi candy”, as we call it, is a sour candy lover’s dream. While as sweet as can be, they are also tangy in just the right amount. It’s hard to believe these little fruit rollups are just kiwi with a little lemon.

Next we tried just slicing the kiwis and drying them. Lukas enjoyed placing each kiwi round on the sheets and enjoyed pulling them all off when they were done! The green pieces at the bottom of the jar on the left are some of the perfectly preserved kiwi slices. They were also really delicious! So either way, dried kiwis are a hit and we will be doing this every year around New Years! A tradition is born.

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