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pajama party

January 24, 2011

cutting out the pattern

my little helper, playing with pins

tracing the pattern onto the fabric

marking it up with L's actual length (I love these frogs!)

pajamas made!

pajamas in use!

I learned to sew in 4H from Linda Moreda when I was a kid and also at the local fabric store Fabric Fair when Alison Wolfe and I took a class during our elementary school years. It has been an on and off relationship since then. I’ve never had much patience for it although I love the outcome—clothes. These days, I find I have much more patience for it. The same reason I now knit, I now sew again. I even iron the seams after I sew them. This was never something I thought had time for before! My memories of sewing are varied: creating sundresses and vests in elementary school; stopping a project because I had to change the bobbin; making unhemmed madonna-gothy-hippie things in high school; more gothy eveningwear in college (some of which I still have) and making lots of things that didn’t fit that well due to impatience. Imagine my surprise when a simple kids’ pajama pattern returns the joy to the process over a decade later. These are from the book Weekend Sewing and were so much fun to make. The only hard part was stopping before kid burnout. I have two pairs made (he is sleeping in one pair right now) and am working on pair number three right now. I think that’s enough. Who knows, maybe mama needs a pair too…

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