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Bike-a-sill rider

January 27, 2011

off he goes!

Lukas can’t quite figure out how to say Bicycle. It makes no sense that you wouldn’t say “bike” first instead of “Bice” so “Bike-a-sill” it is. He has wanted to ride for a while and last weekend our friend Sacha, who is an avid San Francisco bicyclist, brought him a little balance bike to borrow for a few months to see how he likes it. “All the kids in San Francisco ride them.” she urges. He needs no urging. He is on the bike-a-sill right away. And everyday this week we have taken at least one ride. Since a balance bike has no pedals, you walk it along and when you get going, you pick up your feet and coast, learning balance without those pesky pedals banging against your legs. The idea is that balancing becomes so easy that when they ride a regular bike they need no training wheels and can just start riding. I know he loves riding it “himself”. I don’t have to hold onto it and he loves that. Today he got going down a grade, coasted a while, then stopped himself and started giggling—one of his first adrenaline rushes! Yikes. What are we getting ourselves into here?

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