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sick days and a little red shirt

February 1, 2011

the little red shirt in action!

the collar going in

my first shirt!

When the little guy is sick with a cold and the big guy (Scott) is sick with the flu, what do I do? Lots of housework and at-home projects! Scott sequesters himself into the spare bedroom, only to be seen when in need of tea or soup. The little one is full of vim anyway, with a runny nose and cough and is dashing around from fire engines to books to puzzles. The day is full of soup making, tea making, nose wiping, snack making, dishwashing, laundry, sewing, knitting, youtube sesame street watching (well, really only two or three videos at a time, here is our current favorite). I’m sewing a little summer shirt for Lukas from the Weekend Sewing book. I’ve never done a collar, and it’s not perfect, but it is fun and so satisfying to sew something instead of buying it.

This sewing project too is another exercise in patience, with the stopping (to help with potty) and starting and stopping (to make a snack) and starting and stopping (to help with a lego problem), etc. I tend to like to go full speed ahead with a project, but I am learning (sort-of) that I can have patience and do the project over a few days or not have patience and not do the project at all!

The robot fabric is from the fabric store a few blocks away and the shirt’s buttons are repurposed from an old shirt of Scott’s that was already in the rag bag. My twenty year old sewing machine finally really broke right before I made the buttonholes, and my machine’s buttonhole feature didn’t work anyway so we went to my Mom’s to use her amazing quilters sewing machine! Buttonholes were made and the rest of the shirt made in about 40 minutes! It fits and the little guy likes it and he especially likes that he saw it being made. I learned a lot with this project and am glad I dove into something I thought might be too hard. Now I can make his summer shirts! It looks like we’ll be visiting gramma a lot this Spring…

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  1. February 1, 2011 9:00 am

    so true. sometimes you have to just go forward with a project even in not the ideal situation. otherwise us mamas would never get anything creative done!

    great shirt!

  2. karen hess permalink
    February 1, 2011 1:03 pm

    Thanks E—It feels good to do something you think you can’t do! K


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