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winter garden

February 7, 2011

chard explosion!

lovely lemons

white flowers bloomed on the solstice

huge rosemary bush out the window

I know it’s snowing everywhere else, but here it is sunny! It is not normal but when I don’t think about what it might mean, I like it. The winter garden is small but beautiful. It’s our first year in this house and we move slowly (but hopefully surely!) We planted chards, lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower and onions. Things learned: I’ll be better this spring about succession plantings with lettuce so there is a more constant supply. The broccoli is very sparse even though the plants look great so they must need some nutrient they don’t have, luckily, Green String Farm has a ton of it right now! But really, the main thing is the chard. The chard is wonderful! It just keeps on growing more leaves the more I cut off. It is delicious chard too, much darker green than the chard at the natural foods store. The whole family loves it!

Of course the kiwis, which are all off the vine now, are dried and preserved in jars. The latest excitement in the garden is newly ripened lemons! There are so many and I am looking forward to making preserved lemons. Here is a recipe I like. I first made these with a good friend who is now passed away so I think of her whenever I make them. They are basically salted lemons in jars with spices. They keep in the refrigerator and are delicious for 6 months, just in time for the next batch to come in during summertime.

On a non-food note, paperwhites appeared out the back door on the winter solstice—just bloomed on the darkest night and are still going strong—to give us a little lift.

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