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Diapers: looking toward the future…

February 8, 2011

diapers on the line!

Last week Lukas decided to finally be totally potty trained so this is one of our last loads of cloth diapers. You can see him looking at the little underwear on the left!

I have loved using cloth diapers. When he was born, we used disposables for three days until the meconium was gone, and then he’s had cloth ever since. Not once since then have we used a disposable! I sortof wavered at first because the whole baby thing in general was so overwhelming at first, but then my friend Anita came over (who used to own a cloth diaper company!) and made me follow through! I’m so glad she did,I just needed a little encouragement since I had no idea what I was doing but somehow had everything iI needed from doing lots of research beforehand. We started with prefolds and those were cheap and great. If you are ECing, you can use them plain, if not (we didn’t) you can add a cover. (I liked Thirsties covers and of course wool!) I also liked Kissiluvs fitted diapers, very absorbent and a good fit. For night we always used wool covers. He is very sensitive skinwise but has never had a diaper rash problem, I think because of the breathability of wool. (if you want to make everything there are patterns for cloth diapers online, there is a pattern for prefolds in The Creative Family and you can sew wipes and knit covers. So it can be very cheap if you plan ahead!

After he started moving and walking and had to be changed standing up, prefolds were too hard to do, so we used all-in-ones more often. These are also good for gramma and the babysitter because they are very much like disposables so they aren’t as scary! I liked bumGenius. They also make an odor remover spray that makes all odors in the diaper pail disappear but using vegetable enzymes to prevent bacteria from growing in the first place. Totally works! Here are two other posts about diapers if you want to know more: One! Two!

The environmental implications of thousands of disposable diapers per kid are enormous. Wash water goes back into the water table but a plastic diaper sits there forever. Three years of diapers are behind us and I’m glad to say that we didn’t contribute to the environmental problem of diapers in the landfill. I see it as a very important investment in his future. I am glad he is a big boy now, but I have to say, cloth diapers were very fun and I love seeing them all hanging up in the sun!

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  1. Katie Watts permalink
    February 8, 2011 9:26 am

    Amen, sister! After a month we ditched the diaper service, stocked up on cloth diapers and never looked back. And that was with twins. One of my — many — objections to disposables was aural — couldn’t stand hugging a baby and hearing him crackle. I prided myself on how rapidly, tautly and neatly I could put on a diaper, and never once had a pin incident, well, not to them.

  2. February 8, 2011 9:54 am

    I tried the cloth diapers but didn’t follow through … good for you for going the whole time! I used to work for Anita’s company, still have some of her diaper covers, and some of the clothes I bought during the sales! Miss having biobottoms around!

  3. karen hess permalink
    February 8, 2011 3:29 pm

    Nowdays there are snappis, a little stretchy plastic thing, which make the fearful pin obsolete, (unless you want to use them) A dad invented them, so needless to say, they are easy to use!

    And, I know that the design of the diapers you use can have big impact on if you keep using them. Trying a few kinds to find the right fit for a specific baby can be useful. I think in the biobottoms days, there weren’t too many different kinds, unlike today! Also finding the right diaper pail situation can be helpful. Good for both of you for using them with twins (!) and for trying them!

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