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the breakfast table

February 10, 2011

I thought I’d share a bit about breakfast time around here. We get up at 7am and start cooking breakfast. Since Lukas has some allergies, most notably to gluten, dairy and eggs, we avoid those foods and rotate breakfasts on a four day cycle (so as to avoid any new intolerances caused by repetitive eating) using gluten free grains that he is not intolerant of. The first photo is steel-cut gluten-free oats with dates and hemp seeds. We also have pineapple or cantaloupe with it. You can see my dandelion coffee up there too, it is so good and actually healthy! Another favorite is amaranth with simmered raspberries and blackberries. When the weather is warm, we can serve the berries frozen or just fresh since it will be their season. Sometimes we drizzle some honey over it too or add sheep yogurt. On another morning, we’ll have quinoa with stewed bananas and raisins, topped with ground flaxseed and flax oil. We like to add a few chicken sausages too. OK, we have to since Lukas insists! That is a serious protein breakfast! And last but not least, millet with blueberries and maple syrup. Today we scrambled a few duck eggs (from neighbor ducks!) on the side.

In case you are wondering, the little guy actually eats all of these things. We all sit down together in the morning and eat before we all go do our things during the day. Sometimes we even light a candle. We all enjoy the ritual of it all, starting the day off together with a hot meal.

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