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a little lemon

February 14, 2011

the first few...

cut an X into the lemon and fill it with salt...

Lukas wanted to cut too, with his wooden knife!

the first jar...

Happy Valentines Day everyone, hope you have a lot of love all day!

I mentioned we had a lot of lemons, didn’t I? They are supposed to last on the tree for a while but last year we lost a bunch of them to the random frosts. And since we don’t want them to go to waste and we love preserved lemons, Lukas and I made some the other day; there will be quite a few jars of these I am sure!

They are easy, just wash a jar with a lid, cut the lemons in an X, and keep them attached (see photo), load a tablespoon of salt into the cut, covering the entire inside and place in the jar. You can fit a lot of lemons in there, just really shove them in because you want them to be covered in their own juice by the time the jar is full! You will think you can’t even get one more in, but just try. They pop back up at first, but after a few days of pickling in the salt they stay under their juice. I add a bay leaf and some coriander seeds. Then you close the lid and let it sit on your counter for a month. The first few days open it and push the lemons into their juice each morning. Then just let it sit. After the month is up, they are ready to eat and are kept in the refrigerator. They will last in there for 6 months.

When you eat them, wash off the piece of lemon. I use the whole thing, even the pulp, but the main part is the peel. Chop it all up and serve it in a little bowl as a condiment to your dinner. It’s traditionally used with chicken and vegetables but try it with anything. The above routine is based on this recipe.

Lemon peels can also be dried, even after you use a lemon fresh for its juice. Just remember to save the peel! The Italians supposedly make a digestive tea from the dried peels. We are going to try it! Anyone have any other ideas for lemons?

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  1. Kelly Townsend permalink
    February 14, 2011 8:50 am

    My father in law just brought me a big bag of meyers; think I’ll do this!

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