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art days

February 17, 2011

Yes, that is a cloth diaper under his art! Perfect absorbency for watercolors!

experiments with a conté pencil

Whether it’s a rainy day or not, we love to draw over here, or specifically, Lukas loves to draw. I love it too but am usually taking the opportunity to do something else when he is sitting there entranced for 45 minutes! Sometimes we draw together, and he dictates what I will draw for him. “draw a tractor, with a unicorn driving it!”  When Ciara comes to babysit once a week, I return to see all kinds of crazy scenarios drawn out in the sketchbooks!

Which brings us to supplies. I have learned to give kids the best art supplies you can. I remember trying to draw with a crayon that was too waxy or pencils that weren’t dark enough. You need the good stuff so you aren’t struggling with the medium instead of making your art, especially if you are just learning how to use it! I have found quality pencils and paintbrushes at the thrift store and we had a huge box of really nice colored pencils that were given to Scott about 10 or 15 years ago that he hasn’t used too much. Lukas is making good use of them. I even gave him some conté pencils from my college art stash to try the other day! He loves to draw in sketchbooks and I notice him taking that paper more seriously than he takes a small piece of paper set on the table. Plus you can file the books on the shelf with the date written in front and not sort through papers later.

Homemade play dough in soft colors (or even just white, because the colors get all mixed up anyway after a while) is fun for when he does “cooking” he can make it into different things for his kitchen. We often find that he has an entire table set for us with his little dishes and a play dough meal! Then we are all invited to “eat”!

Outdoors, chalk is in constant use during sunny days, only surpassed in interest by bike riding and “cutting down trees”…

I keep all the art supplies on a shelf in the dining room and he uses one half of the dining table (the half that is not in use for meals) as his “studio”. Usually there are pencils and a sketchbook out there and other supplies like watercolors or stencils rotate through. He can go find what he needs on the shelf and yes, sometimes marks get on the table, but luckily, I don’t care. This is the family work table and the top was not exactly in the best condition when I found it at Goodwill for $10! If it needs to look nicer, I add a tablecloth.

With more rain coming, I expect we’ll be doing a lot of drawing today!

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