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natural cold remedies

February 28, 2011

the herbal remedy cupboard

Cold season is still here, and with a kid in the house, it seems like they are always around. The first thing we do for Lukas is homeopathy, to balance out his immune system, which has worked very well in the past for what was terrible eczema and a few painful ear infections. We have had a hard time finding a remedy recently that works for his lung issues, specifically asthma. We are always hauling out the nebulizer at 3am when he can’t breathe during a cold. But recently, I think we’ve hit on a good remedy for him; this week he’s had a little cold, and he had croup at the end of the week and we’ve only nebulized once. We gave him an extra dose of remedy after that and he has been fine! Remedies change and are different with every person so his probably isn’t what another kid might need, so consult a homeopath if you are interested and I can recommend someone if needed!

Personally, I haven’t been sick much since Lukas was born, probably because I just can’t be sick. But Saturday night, I felt it, a cold coming on! Sunday I felt it more, fatigue, congestion, sneezing, etc. This is when I bring out the herbal remedies. I drink a few cups of my cold/flu blend based in part on information from this wonderful book pictured above, A Kid’s Herb Book by Leslie Tierra. It goes over many of the more common healing plants, many you can grow easily in your own garden. And since it’s for kids, it’s easy and fun to read. Since I’m just starting my garden of remedies, I currently find my dried herbs at Rosemary’s Garden in Sebastopol. They have an online store too for those out of the area. I love them! For colds and flu, I drink three cups a day of 1/2 teaspoon each:

lemon balm
licorice root

Lukas usually has a little cup of lemon balm and elderflower tea, it’s mild and sweet and seems to soothe. Lots of Vitamin C, and raw garlic can’t hurt either for the adults (and if you can get your kid to eat raw garlic, more power to you!) I’m hoping that by the time this posts on Monday, we will be on the road to recovery!

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