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plant ideas

March 3, 2011

there is room in here for more!

a new garden bed awaits...

will they sprout?

It is March already and I am, for once, ready to go in the garden! Usually I start thinking about the garden when it is sunny, like in June! When you have a three year old around though, you are outside all the time and wanting to do things in the yard and one thing leads to the next. So here we are not even wanting to wait for mid or late March to plant. So we started a few seedlings and they are on the inside back porch. We’ll see if they grow, I’ve never done seedlings before. It will be just as amazing to me as to Lukas to see shoots popping up out of the soil. We planted lettuces, sunflowers and ceremonial tobaccos. In the yard we chose a few places and planted german chamomile for tea and also a lot of radishes, because this kid of mine loves radishes and turnips. We’ll succession plant them every few weeks (if we remember). Last Spring he loved pulling them out of the ground, rinsing them off himself with the hose and taking a big bite!

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