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they’re alive!

March 9, 2011

lettuce emerge!

poor little guy is sick but still checking on the garden!

even the tiny chamomiles are emerging

I can’t believe the seeds grew! It just doesn’t seem possible but they did. I am so ready to plant more seeds now! But we’ll wait until the frost danger is over in April I guess… Lukas remembers last year’s radishes and can’t wait for them to grow this year. We planted the radishes in the apple guild area and also in the raised beds to see what the difference might be. This gardening thing is very intriguing!!! I know all you garden people are laughing right now but really, it is quite a lot of fun.

I hope everyone considers doing the 350 home and garden challenge this year. Basically you sign up to do some gardening and the organizers track how many gardens go in this year. Last year there were 628 new gardens in our county, including ours! More on the 350 home and garden challenge in a later post. So go downtown to Baker Creek Seed Bank and start your seeds—they will actually grow!

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