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March 28, 2011

running around!

caught him!

the magic blouse

I signed up for an online sewing class from Kathy at While Tangerine Dreams and it starts in May so I am doing some preparation for the class. First, fixing the sewing machine seemed in order. Giving it a good cleaning and reading the manual (what a concept!) seemed to breathe new life into it. Then some brushing up on skills. I had low expectations for the process and the results of sewing for myself. But I was pleasantly surprised when I continued to enjoy ironing and finishing seams, and then actually loved this blouse when it was made. I even made another one in a a brown print. It’s good for running around the yard after kids, catching kids and gardening with kids. The pattern is the blossom blouse from the book Sew Liberated except I used a print and didn’t do the applique. Lukas even asked if I could make one for him…heehee! Spring is a great time to start these new projects. (I have another little shirt in mind for Lukas, however!)


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