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locavore dining

March 29, 2011

checking out green string farm's fields

local sausage from Tara Firma Farm: I love how they are all different sizes!

steaming foraged nettles from Green String—chock full of nutrients!

We have found another farm to patronize: Tara Firma Farms. They are more of a meat farm so we have been buying pork chops and sausages there to keep in the freezer. The pigs are out in the green pastures and you can visit them anytime. The farm has other meat animals too but we already buy our beef at Green String Farm. The chicken at whole foods is from our town so we are already local with chicken. I guess the next step is to go to Bodega for fish. I’ll let you know when we start doing that! The owners of Tara Firma were city dwellers until they read Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Then they decided to go for it and start a farm! And five years later, here they are, doing great, raising veggies and meats for our community.

Scott and I were mostly vegetarians until Lukas came along, then I really craved meat when I was pregnant and nursing. Scott still doesn’t really eat it but Lukas and I do. He loves it. A woman I met at the grocery store mentioned that your blood type has something to do with it. I told her I craved meat much more than Scott, who could survive on salads and she guessed our blood types correctly based on that!

The main reason I didn’t eat meat much before was because of the terrible practices associated with it. Here is a little animated feature called the Meatrix that explains it all. So when local sustainable meat became available right around the same time I started really wanting to eat more of it, it seemed like something to take advantage of. We still eat a lot of veggies of course. I try to serve up two plus a salad along with whatever meat is served and the grain of the day. Then Scott has plenty to eat too!

Tara Firma also offers what is called a “cowshare”. Owning a cow is the only way to have raw milk since it’s illegal to sell it here. So you can own part of the cow and receive raw milk once a week. A friend with a milk allergy started doing this and he says he is fine with the raw milk, so I thought we might try it for Lukas soon. Then we can all drink cow milk again instead of having all these different milks around (hemp milk, rice milk, cow milk).

Plus it’s a fun adventure to take the little guy to Tara Firma once a month and Green String a few times a week. He also helps harvest from our garden and goes with us to pick up duck eggs from our suburban homesteading neighbor and hang out with the ducks for a while. I’m happy he is able to see where the food is coming from and will eventually understand what it takes to produce different kinds of foods. It becomes very obvious when you go to these places that meat farming is more energy and land intensive than vegetable farming so it makes you appreciate the meat and understand its price.

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