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new mornings

March 30, 2011

you can't tell, but there's a kid in here

oh yeah, there he is!

We’re in our second transition week of the new preschool situation. Still moving afternoon caregivers schedules so next week will be our first true week of the new schedule but so far, it has had its challenges and its successes. We took him out of the 4 morning per week montessori and changed to a more play based daycare two mornings per week with him staying home the other mornings.

The main challenge is that the new playcare place has cats and Lukas is allergic to them so he was coming home with a rashy face and coughing attacks. They were generous enough to alter their cat practices by keeping the cats out and changing their filters and it seems to be working pretty well now!

I now have five mornings a week with L and it is much easier to establish a relaxed daily routine when we are not rushing out the door every morning. It’s an adjustment for me too but I am mostly enjoying being able to have him help me with morning cleaning and so what if it takes a little longer, it’s a productive activity. He’s getting good with the dustpan…We do some stories, some free  play while I knit or read, and if it’s nice outside, we’ll garden or go to the park or go on a walk or head to our favorite coffee place.

Recently we’ve become tent builders. I am excited because I used to love making forts too and now L is at the stage where he likes it too! He wants to add all the clothespins himself and hides in there with glee. He also wants me to come in so he isn’t at the exclusive club point yet, heehee! I am glad he has the time and the inclination for creative play.

But as much fun as tent building and reading books about the rainbow crow are, I know myself and I need the alone time too. So I have some late afternoon help a few times a week too. But those mornings with him are pretty nice and I am glad to have them back!

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