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a day of discovery

April 4, 2011

in the crows' nest


"riveting" the "golden gate"

he's always wanted to live in a tree

checking out the real golden gate

The Discovery Museum in Sausalito is amazing! I can’t believe I have a 3 year old and just went for the first time. I didn’t realize it was so geared to young ages; most of these kinds of places are geared towards the older kids. (There is even a toddler play area that Lukas is already too big for.) We all loved it. There are beautiful outdoor areas with trails that lead to cool things to play on and fun trees to climb. There is a bell at the top of a hill to ring so all day you hear a gentle tolling that is relaxing. Rarely do you hear a kid crying because they are truly enjoying themselves.

I followed Lukas around and let him do anything he wanted because it was all OK. No private property to worry about, no cars or other  hazards. I realize a lot of my reigning in with Lukas is over private property. “No that’s someone’s yard; No that’s someone’s car; No that’s someone’s business, building, tree, whatever.” Here it belonged to everyone. Everyone could play on everything and use everything and the kids were all very respectful of each other, playing together and sharing most of the time. This collective space was set up so that lots of people could participate together and so that parents could enjoy the space too. (There’s nothing worse than a kid place you can’t wait to get out of.)

The Discovery Museum is in Fort Baker, an old military base, which I think is great—that a military base is now a children’s playground. Let’s keep it going! It is a beautiful setting next to the San Francisco Bay, with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. For Lukie’s age, there is lots of nature based outdoor activity, and indoor block playing and an art studio. For older kids, there is still all that and: historical information in the form of games and projects; scientific experiments in the form of creating design solutions; and theater performances, among many other things. It’s a place you can come back to and enjoy for many years as your kids grow up and I’m grateful to have it so close by!

Afterwards we took a side trip to the deYoung museum in San Francisco, where Scott and Lukas ran around in the sculpture garden and I was able to see the Balenciaga fashion exhibit. It was so inspiring to see all of those incredibly crafted clothes from one of fashion’s first designers (and such a master!) and learn about his inspirations and more about his life. Again, I’m so grateful to live in the Bay Area where we have access to all these beautiful experiences.

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