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spring picnic

April 5, 2011

he sure likes the drumstick

a few onions go into the new apple guild garden

Spring is really here and we are outside all day and we have started having dinner out there too. It all began with this little picnic with just Lukas and me, when Scott was in the city. Then it just escalated until we had candlelight and tablecloths out there. Now it is almost a requirement to eat outside. We even ate breakfast out there one morning.

Lukas is way calmer when he’s outside a lot. I am way calmer when I’ve been outside a lot. Scott is usually calm no matter what! Today, Lukas and I did garden work all afternoon and he fell asleep quickly and I feel so relaxed. There is much more space for love in my consciousness when I’ve spent the day outdoors. I enjoyed watching the little guy peacefully drift off tonight. Sometimes I am just waiting for him to go to sleep so I can have a couple hours alone or with Scott! But being outside seems to mute all of it down and slow the pace. I need to figure out how to be out there all day every day, even when it’s totally cold and raining. Maybe it’s just having enough vitamin D? All I know is I like it a lot and we are going to have a lot of things growing in the garden at this rate!

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