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reading and the wind

April 7, 2011

Today was so windy! It’s always windy this time of year and it always brings on allergies for me so I spent most of the day hanging around inside resting. Since Lukas was at gramma’s all afternoon, I watched some videos and read some books. Here is what is on the reading shelf right now:

First up is the draping book. After many years, I am back to sewing and my latest effort is relearning pattern design by draping, which is basically placing fabric on the dress form and pinning it into a muslin pattern piece. It’s so much fun! A post to come on that process. Next is the Rebecca Solnit book, which I have stolen from Scott’s reading shelf. Infinite City A San Francisco Atlas. If I were to write a book it would be so similar to this one. I love the layered sense of place conveyed here with maps that show various types of things you’d find in the city, from The Names before the Names: The Indigenous Bay Area to Monarchs and Queens: Butterfly Habitats and Queer Public Spaces. I love it! Also are beautiful essays discussing various relevant SF topics. A beautifully crafted volume. Then, of course, Homeschooling for the Early Years. The first thing on the list of “Simple Starting Points” is: “Put a smile on your face, in your eyes and in your voice.” How great is that? Indeed, I often forget this simple starting point in the craziness that is parenting a three year old. Next is Nikki McClure’s, Things to Make and Do journal, which I really like because its organized into sections like make, wish, dream. And I can organize ideas for now and for later in an organic way. Here is where I keep homeschooling ideas (like make bean bags) and knitting patterns because if I don’t write down a cool idea, I’ll completely forget it. Last, but not least, Three Lives, by Gertrude Stein. I have to have some literature in there. This slice of life from a hundred years ago is so wonderful, like peering back into time.

a kale tree growing on the back fence

In other news, the little brown vest is progressing along (or should I say the big brown vest since I accidentally made the next size up…) and even though it was so windy we went outside anyway this morning, before it was too bad, and did some weeding and planting in the gardens. Lukas made me do it.

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