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whirling square

April 11, 2011

first, play in the dirt

then cut bamboo poles

cut the branches off and carry them away

make a teepee and play in the dirt some more

Now that Spring is here, I am officially planting and planning and going crazy in the garden, even though I really have no idea what I am doing. Since we moved here we have been mulching pieces of the lawns. Last year it was the entire front lawn, this year our project is a smaller garden in back under the apple tree that used to have lawn  underneath. We are creating what permaculture calls an apple guild there, so I named that garden the Guilded Apple. Above is another little garden we just started that I call the Whirling Square, because it’s a little square of grass that now has a round snow pea teepee on it.

Last Fall, we raked our leaves into this little square area of the lawn. It became a kindof compost area after that and now that it’s Spring, I added an inch of finished compost over the top of what was there. Then we edged the sneaky grass that was trying to come in on the sides. We didn’t use cardboard so we’ll see how invasive the grass gets. There doesn’t seem to be too much there though when I dig down. It is pretty decomposed by now. Nearby, we have a bamboo stand, so we cut 6 poles, cut off the branches, and Lukas promptly carried them all over to the the compost pile by the raised beds. (we might still use those branches for something else…) Then I raised a bamboo pole teepee and planted two varieties of snow peas around it. Also a few bachelor button plants Lukas picked out at The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center plant sale, which we enjoyed last Saturday. They have the best plants and beautiful grounds to explore. We found some unusual plants and many that we already eat a lot of and might as well grow ourselves.

I hope the peas grow and Lukas has a little hideout this summer. When the peas are done, we can start beans or gourds for the rest of the summer and fall. I notice that during this gardening process, I have no idea what to do, then I just do something, whether a design sketch or just pile leaves somewhere and then the next step reveals itself. I am learning to trust this process of stepping out into the unknown. I see more than I ever have before.

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