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positive spin

April 12, 2011

These spring days are so beautiful but so unpredictable. One day it’s beautiful weather and I am feeling great and planting things and the next day it’s cold and windy and I am down with allergies! Luckily my sister is in town to play and I have my spinning wheel to do some indoor work. This wool is from Windrush Farm, right here in our area and very near where I grew up.

When I was in elementary school, I walked over to our neighbor’s house once a week with an armful of corn from our corn patch and in return, she taught me how to spin wool. This is the same spinning wheel I have used the entire time. It’s like riding a bike. I’ve done it on and off throughout my life and this past year has brought it back ON. I’m spinning this beautiful gray wool to dye outdoors with plant dyes when the weather is more predictable. The gray wool gives the dye colors a lot of richness! Lukas is so interested in the spinning wheel that it’s hard to get much done at one time but I figure eventually it will become old hat. It hasn’t yet though and he has seen it a lot… He especially likes to see how the wheel works, lying on his back and looking at the arm and pedal moving the wheel around, or sitting right up against me and pedaling along.

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