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April 14, 2011

love from the oaec plant sale!

Today there were plants that needed to go into the garden, and in they went, chards, lettuce, a mashua, a yacon in the back and calendulas in the front garden. I’m trying to only plant things we will really use, like chards and lettuces, but I have been intrigued with mashua and yacon for a while and finally have a place to grow them. They are some other kind of south american tuber kind-of like potatoes. Supposedly they are delicious and the mashua leaves are edible too, kindof peppery. I’m trying one of each to see what happens.

I don’t want to overextend this garden, but I don’t want to underextend either. Hopefully we’re planting a mix of things, some of which will come back on their own next year, creating less work in the long run, using the permaculture vision. The chard is the least work of all. I planted them in the Spring, watered and used the leaves all summer and then watered and ate them all Fall too. And, the entire winter, all I did was harvest leaves now and then and it’s still going! Amazing!

If it weren’t for Lukas, I might not even have a garden. He keeps us outside since he is so happy out there and always has something to do. He seems to actually know the difference between a weed and a plant that needs to stay there, which I am grateful for, he’s a natural! I am also truly grateful for this chance to learn about all these plants and am loving it a lot and so it the rest of the family!

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