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apron madness

April 20, 2011

the apron in its element

in progress

on the dress form, I didnt add the trim...

The online sewing class I signed up for is almost starting and we are doing some preliminary setup things now like gathering supplies. One of the preliminary things I am doing is sewing… heehee! I’ve been reading up on draping, which is basically designing a pattern by moving fabric around on the dress form until it looks how you want it, then adding ease, marking and cutting it out. When we moved here a year ago, the curtains that came with the house were dragging on the floor and 6 months ago I finally cut the extra off and stashed it in my fabric piles. So hmmm, I decided to use that and design a little garden apron on the dress form. I figured that if it didn’t fit right, it’s an apron so it would still fit. It actually is the most form fitting apron I have ever seen and I really like it! There are six cute little pleats (three each side) that you can’t see in the photo that make it drape really nicely in back. So I guess draping works! I’ve always wanted to learn it so now I’ll have to try it with actual clothing.

I’m looking forward to this sewing class to refresh and, well, actually teach me real sewing skills since I haven’t had a sewing class since about the 5th grade and you should see some of the terrible things I have done to make my garments come together when I am designing them myself… The first thing we are making is a smock, which is sort of like an apron, but more so. I really can’t have too many of these things with all the domestic activity going on over here, so I’m excited. I just picked up some hemp fabric to make it out of at Dharma today but I’m wondering if it’s too heavy (even though it’s the summer weight). I can always make kid pants out of it!

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  1. April 21, 2011 9:41 am

    What a beautiful apron!
    Looking forward to being a sewing comrade of yours!

    • karen hess permalink*
      April 21, 2011 10:14 pm

      thank you—and I enjoyed looking through your blog photos!

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