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coloring eggs

April 21, 2011

naturally dyed duck eggs

we started with some duck eggs

chopped up our onions and added our eggs

boiled turmeric in another pan

Lukas painted with a blueberry

and voila!

We started with a trip to Suzanne’s house, our urban homesteading friend who supplies us with duck eggs. Lukas fed the ducks and played banjos with Paul while we were there. Then home to color eggs. We gathered leaves outside to wrap around the eggs to make a print, but didn’t have many rubber bands, so only wrapped a few in cheesecloth to make prints. Then we boiled them so long the plants dissolved… But they still turned out really cool!

We used turmeric with a little cider vinegar for yellow, yellow onions with a little cider vinegar for the reddish color. The purple was painted on with blueberries afterwards by my little assistant. He ate the blueberries after he was done painting with them. One egg cracked while we boiled it so Lukas ate that too. Duck eggs have big yolks!

So fun to use natural color on our eggs!

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