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easter springs

April 25, 2011

While Easter is a christian holiday, it comes from pagan roots so we celebrate it wholeheartedly even though we are not religious. It’s the world’s embodiment of resurrection, new life, from the death winter brought to living things a few months before.

The night before, we set out some grass for the easter rabbit. Lukas keeps trying to find more things to give to the easter rabbit so we give him a cup of tea too and set out some books to read!

In the morning, the easter rabbit has eaten the grass and the tea is just a remnant in the cup. And an easter basket is there! The excited look on L’s face is so wonderful! What is in the basket? Homemade playdough in spring colors to play with, a beeswax egg-shaped candle to light, honeysticks to sip, a couple of small chocolate rabbits for a treat, and a packages of seeds to plant.

Then off to the egg hunt at my parents’ neighbors’ place in the countryside.

at the hunt

SInce Lukas was born, my dad really looks forward to this easter egg hunt and I think he has more fun than anyone, even though Lukas has a lot of fun too!

Lukas, me, and my Dad

After the hunt yields a full basket of eggs, it’s over to the hunting lodge for a potluck lunch. We bring a quinoa salad and also enjoy venison stew and goose stew, specialties of the hosts. It’s fun to hang out with friends old and new, former neighbors I haven’t seen for a while and enjoy the rare sun that came out for the hunt. Thank you friends, and thank you Spring!

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