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the abundance of spring

May 4, 2011

the radish farmer

siberian comfrey

indigos growing!

the abundance of spring!

The abundance of Spring creates so much pollen in the air. Allergies are the hard part of Spring for me. I’m trying to boost my system to react normally by eating local honey this season and it is great! On a really tough day, its not a cure, but it does knock it down a bit. On a milder day, it eliminates the allergies. If I feel it coming back, I take another teaspoon of honey. I think I’ve been eating six or seven spoons per day! I can think of much worse things. I’ve talked with a few other people who say that they did it for a few years and don’t even have allergies anymore, so I am hoping.

Having less of a reaction to pollens allows me to at least be in the garden for part of the day with my little radish farmer. This week, he decided to harvest radishes and make radish tea. I looked it up to make sure it wasn’t poisonous and it turns out it’s good for coughs, which he has right now. So we made some, it was pink, and he said he liked the flavor. He didn’t cough the rest of the day…

Things are starting to grow bigger in the garden. Blossoms are gone from the trees, now leaves and small green cherries. Indigos are getting bigger too.

Lukas took charge of the nature table inside to change it to more reflect Spring. I think he at least caught the spirit of abundance…

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