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May 5, 2011

the fabric: it looks pink, but it's really more of a rich purple!

one part of the bodice done...

two parts done!

fun with the iron

seam binding!

This week the sewing class I have waited two months for finally started. Of course, I was unable to do any sewing until today! I enjoyed all the posts about what I was supposed to do and at least I had my fabric already cut out from last week and my machine all ready to go with a full bobbin of purple thread and a sharp needle. Our first project is a Smock. We are supposed to wear it while making the rest of the projects, which I think is hilarious! I can’t wait to wear it for everything involving garden and craft situations. The purple smock with enormous pockets!

SO, today while the little guy was running around at gramma’s, I sewed for two hours. I got the bodice part of the smock finished. At least it’s pretty well made even though it took so long, thanks to the wonderful direction of our online instructor in Canada, Kathy! But regarding time, I would not do well on Project Runway at all.

For the first time, thanks to this class, I added bias tape to finish a seam. It’s pretty great to have a seam that is completely finished and not unraveling, I have to admit. And it wasn’t hard because I did the easy version of adding seam binding, which is just sewing it on with one line of stitching instead of two. The iron earned its keep today too. I love ironing. I can’t believe it. It’s a good thing because it makes the piece much better if you iron as you sew.

I love this class because: 1) The patterns are fun and cute; 2) The teacher is funny, knowledgeable and nice (and cute!) 3) The classmates are great people (and probably cute!), and most importantly, 4) the class is online, which means that if I can’t make the class on the appointed day due to whatever reasons always come up, I can still make the class three days later. Great for a mama with a three year old! Tomorrow I’ll do the pockets and skirt while Ciara is here in the afternoon and maybe I can finish it up on the weekend. So look out on Monday for a purple smock and let’s hope it all goes well!

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  1. May 5, 2011 10:44 pm

    Looks so pretty! Love that purple. Sounds like a pretty blissful two of hours of uninterrupted sewing. Lucky mama! Thank you for the kind words 🙂

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